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Top 10 Myths About Breast Feeding

By Liz Pevitoe, Registered Nurse

Black Mom Breast Feeding

There are many myths and stereotypes out there about breastfeeding, and it's important to analyze these myths because many of them keep moms from even attempting to breastfeed their baby. It is time to put a stop to the nonsense - one and for all!

Myth #1: Formula is just as great as breast milk.

Fact: Formula firms have spent a lot of decades advertising and "educating" the public on how amazing their formulas are. And guess what? It has paid off for them . Now, breastfeeding advocates are forced to produce studies and literature to show breastmilk is indeed a much better option for human babies. Yes, today's formulas are considerably far better than some made in past years, but its still an artificial substitute and will never compare to human milk. DHA/ARA? So what! It's been in breastmilk all along. Comfort Proteins? Massive deal, breastmilk is still simpler for humans to digest. Something made by some dude in a labcoat or something you make ON Site for your baby?

Myth #2: Breastfeeding hurts.

Fact: We have all heard the horror stories, bleeding cracked nipples. YIKES. Even so, most women experience no pain or difficulty at all with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding will trigger some tenderness at the beginning. A lot of describe it as feeling like someone is massaging a bruise, an annoying discomfort. If it hurts more than that, an evaluation for breastfeeding problems is in order, with a lactation consultant. Many times simple correcting positioning or latch will help to resolve the difficulty. It really is advised seek assistance for breastfeeding problems from a breastfeeding expert, a board certified lactation consultant. 

Myth #3: Breastfeeding makes your breasts sag.

Reality: Stop blaming breastfeeding. Pregnancy weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, heredity and age are what makes breasts sag. What you'll be able to do to support this to be minimized would be to wear a supportive bra and exercise to maintain the tone of the skin plus the muscles underneath.

Myth #4: Breastfeeding takes more time than bottle-feeding.

Fact: With breastfeeding you will discover no bottles to prepare or cleanup. Breastmilk is often ready and warm. Breastfed babies may perhaps be nursing additional frequently than a formula fed baby will be bottle feeding, but these frequent feeds are preparation and cleanup totally free. And breastfed babies are not sick as frequently so it will save you lots of time going to the doctor.

Myth #5: Breastfeeding makes babies clingy.

Fact: Infants are not manipulative. They have genuine wants to be comforted and to eat. Studies have been completed to prove that the old fashioned CRY IT OUT (CIO) method can literally trigger brain damage. When babies understand that they can trust their needs to be met, they'll grow into happy, independent humans.

Myth #6: You can't get pregnant if you're breastfeeding.

Reality: Breastfeeding is only works as contraception when these factors are present: the baby is receiving nothing but breast milk and nurses regularly particularly at night AND mommy is having NO menstrual cycle. The chance of pregnancy increases greatly when the baby begins sleeping through the night, starts eating solids, and/or when the mother resumes her menstrual cycle. If a mother genuinely does not wish to turn out to be pregnant once more yet, it is wise to use an extra approach of birth control.

Myth #7: Breastfeeding is Natural, you do not will need to take a class.

Reality: Numerous moms believe that the baby will instinctively know the best way to breastfeed after being born. Occasionally babies do know how to nurse but most need to be shown. It's ideal to be well prepared so you can teach the baby if required. And so you'll feel far more confident also. Take a prenatal breastfeeding class, read books, watch videos, join a support group. Soak in as much data as feasible so when the baby gets here you're ready.

Myth #8: Breastfeeding makes you lose weight.

Fact: A nursing mother burns and extra 300 to 500 calories every day. BUT the body will instinctively carry a few additional pounds. (somewhere around 5-8 pounds with most). Breastfeeding will shrink the uterus, causing the tummy to flatten some but if you are watching the scale, those last few pounds might linger. Moderate exercise is fine although breastfeeding but no diet supplements or crash dieting really should be carried out.

Myth #9: Daddy wants to bottle feed or he won't bond.

Fact: You will discover lots of methods to bond with a newborn. Soothing, rocking, diapering, and burping the new baby are only a few of these activities. Anyone can aid take care of the baby and enjoy bonding without depriving the baby the food only you'll be able to present. Introducing a bottle too soon can also interfere with latch and milk supply.

Myth #10: You can't take any medications although you're breastfeeding.

Reality: It's surprising how lots of doctors give moms improper information and facts about medications and breastfeeding. Regrettably, it seems the knee jerk reaction for a breastfeeding mom's inquiry is "Oh, just pump and dump until you finish the medication". When in reality, you will find very Few medications not secure while breastfeeding. If you are unsure if the medication you are taking is secure although breastfeeding, then contact your local lactation consultant.

These are just the top 10 circulating, there are many myths out there. Education and support from breastfeeding advocates will assist you discern truth from fiction and prepare you for the awesome job of breastfeeding your child.

Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC has been a registered nurse since 1991 along with a board certified lactation consultant since 2003. She has a private lactation consulting practice inside the DFW metroplex in Texas. Liz also supplies lactation support via her site at

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