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Black Baby Boy Names - "A"
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Name Meaning
Abanu I have joined the family
Abasi The stern one
Abayomi Born to bring joy
Abbas A lion
Abdalla Servant of God
Abdu He worships God
Abdullah Servant of God
Abeid He is a leader
Abejide Born in winter
Abena He is pure
Abiola Honorable
Abosi Life plant
Abraham Father of many
Abubakari Noble
Abwooli Catlike
Name Meaning
Addae Beautiful as the sunrise
Ade Royal
Adeagbo He brings honor
Adigun He is righteous
Adio He is righteous
Adisa  He is precise
Adjua He is noble
Adofo The warrior
Adom Help comes from God
Adunbi Born to be pleasant
Afi Spiritual
Afiba Born by the sea
Agyei A messenger from God
Ahmad One worthy of praise
Ahmed Praise-worthy
Aiyetoro Peace on earth
Ajagbe He gets the prize
Ajayi Born facedown
Ajene Truth
Akabueze Support is paramount
Akamafula May my work be rewarded
Akanni He brings possessions
Akeem Wise
Akelo A son born after twins
Akiiki A good friend
Akil Intelligent
Name Meaning
Akinlama He possesses valor
Akins He is a brave boy
Akobundu Prudence is life
Akou Wealth
Akram Most generous
Akua Sweet messenger
Alcoe A person of poor quality
Alexander Protector of men
Ali Exalted
Alimayu God is honored
Allan Precious
Allen Handsome
Alonzo Eager
Alvin Noble friend
Ambakisye God has been merciful
Name Meaning
Ameer Commander, chieftain, wealthy
Amilcar One worthy of praise
Amin Faithful
Amiri Leader, ruler
Ampah Trustworthy
Andre Manly
Andrew Manly
Anthony Worthy of praise
Antonio Worthy of praise
Animashaun He is generous
Anyabwile God has freed me
Anyelwiswe God has cleansed me
Ara The maker of honey
Araam Slender
Ashaki Beautiful
Asim Protector, defender
Asinia Stern
Asma Bold
Aswad Black
Atat One who brings sunshine
Atiba He is born with understanding
Atiim He is violent
Ayo Happiness
Ayubu Patience in suffering
Azibo Of the earth
Azikiwe Vigorous, healthy
Azizi Precious

* The most popular names amongst expecting parents, for African American boys that start with the letter "A", are: Allen, Allan, Alonzo, Abraham, and Ade. Most of the names listed above are of African and Indian descent.

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