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Black Baby Boy Names - "K"
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Name Meaning
Kadeem Unknown
Kadugala He is very black
Kafele He is worth dying for
Kafuko Follows a deceased sibling
Kaga The pick of the bunch
Kahero Conceived at home
Kailugaru He is very dark
Kakuyon Maker of weapons
Kala Tall
Kalif Holy boy
Kalindaluzzi The well keeper
Kalonji Man of victory
Name Meaning
Kamau Quiet warrior
Kambui Fearless
Kambuji Goat
Kamowa Beer
Kanko You are able to do
Kanyama Guard
Kapeni Sharp as a knife
Karanja Guide
Karume Keeper of the forest
Karl Manly
Kashka He is friendly
Kasimu Keeper of the forest
Katamba The chief
Katayira Not staying in one place
Katorogo The premature child
Kavon Unknown
Kaya This child is a laborer
Kayode He brought joy
Kazandu You are a young man
Kazembe He is an ambassador
Kazungu Very light-skinned
Keambiroiro Mountain of blackness
Kefentse Conqueror
Kehinde Second born of twins
Keita Worshipper
Keith Battle Place
Kendal (Kendall) Valley by the river
Kenneth (Kenny) Handsome
Kenyatta A musician
Kereenyaga Mountain of mystery
Ketecumbeh Crow up and provide
Name Meaning
Ketema From the valley
Ketto Sunrise
Kevin Handsome
Khaalid Durable, does not grow weak
Khaldun Eternal
Khalfani He is destined to rule
Khalid Eternal or Immortal
Khama Good king, peace-loving
Khamisi Born on Thursday
Khari Kingly
Kiah Always
Kiambu This boy will be rich
Name Meaning
Kibumba Creator
Kifimbo A very thin baby
Kigongo Born before twins
Kimani Sailor
Kitaka Good farmer
Kitwana Pledged to live
Kiyumba Morning sun is sweet
Kizza Born after twins
Kobe Held by the heel
Kobie Warrior
Kodjo Humorous
Kodwo Born on Monday
Kofi Born on Friday
Kokayi Summon the people to hear
Koma Favorable, mature, perfect
Konata A man of high station
Kondwani Joyful
Kontar An only child
Kopano Union
Koro A golden child
Kristopher (Kris) Christ-bearer
Kufere Do not forget
Kufuo His father shared birth pains
Kunle His home is filled with honors
Kwacha Morning    
Kwada Night has fallen
Kwame Born on the Lord's day
Kwayera Dawn

* The most popular names amongst expecting parents, for African American boys that start with the letter "K", are: Karl, Kevin, Kwame, Karl, Keith, Kobe, and Khaled. Most of the names listed above are of African and Arabic descent.

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