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Black Baby Boy Names - "M"
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Name Meaning
Maajid Honorable
Maalik Master
Madzimoyo Water of life
Magezi A boy who is wise
Magomu Younger of twins
Majeed Noble
Makalani One skilled in writing
Makami He seizes
Malawa Flowers
Malcolm A Dove
Name Meaning
Malik Ruler
Mansa After Mansa Kankan Mussa
Manu Born second
Mapira Millet
Marcus War-Like
Mark War-Like
Marlon Sea of bitterness
Marshall Horse keeper
Martin Warlike
Marvin Friend of the sea
Masamba He leaves
Mashama You are surprised
Masibuwa Modern days
Maskini Poor
Masomakali Sharp eyes
Masud Fortunate
Matsimela Roots
Matthew Gift of God
Mawulawde God will provide
Mawuli There is a God
Mbita Born on a cold night
Mbiya Money
Mbizi To drop in water
Name Meaning
Menelek After King Menelek II
Mensah Third son
Mhina Delightful
Micah Who Is Like God?
Michael Who Is Like God?
Minkah Justice
Molefi The keeper of tradition
Mongo Famous
Montsho Black
Mosegi Tailor
Name Meaning
Mosi Firstborn
Moses Drawn out of the water
Moswen Light in color
Moyo Life, well-being, good health
Mposi Blacksmith
Mthuthuzeli Comforter
Mtima Heart
Mudada The provider
Mugabe He is intelligent and quick
Muhammad Worthy of praise
Muka We harvest
Mukawano A boy who is loved
Musana Born during the daytime
Mwai Good fortune
Mwamba Strong
Mwanze The child is protected
Mwinyi King
Mwinyimkuu Great king
Mwita He summons the people

* The most popular names amongst expecting parents, for African American boys that start with the letter "M", are: Michael, Micah, Matthew, Mark, and Moses. Most of the names listed above are of African and Arabic descent, and many are Bible names.

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